We take a look at supplier of health management, Healthcare RM. 

Healthcare RM is the only provider of integrated health management at both an organisational and individual level. This means we manage all healthcare – from absence to wellbeing – through a single portal and a team of experts.

Our approach improves employee wellbeing, reduces organisational costs and risks plus keeps workplaces safer.

By integrating all benefits and services, resulting management information tells an accurate story about individuals and the business, enabling better understanding and strategic management of underlying causes.

This is because our IT platform builds a single record for each employee. By providing appropriate support and intervention throughout an employee’s working life, we can see a complete and accurate picture. There’s no piecing together of key issues or cost-drivers from a multitude of providers.

We cover everything from Consultancy Services including employment law, disability and employment tribunals, Case Management including referrals, triage and mediation, Health Risk Profiling and Health Surveillance, Health and Wellness including lifestyle assessments, coaching, weight management and nutrition, right through to Rehabilitation including physiotherapy and talking therapies.

We are a national network of industry specialists, healthcare practitioners, HR professionals, case managers, account managers, nutritionists and consultants.

Key aims for us are to motivate employees to make behavioural change and improve their own health, while viewing health issues as part of the wider picture of an organisation’s health, safety and wellbeing processes. In so doing, we reduce costs by cutting out unnecessary treatment and identifying underlying root causes to create more focused strategies.

Since risks include both physical and psychological factors and encompass considerably more than a traditional health and safety risk assessment or a clinical assessment, we look wherever possible to prevent, assess, manage and mitigate risks. We consider clinical and non-clinical pathways. Under our expertise, guidance and support, we can help facilitate a cultural behaviour change from a ‘fix me’ attitude to one where individuals take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Pamela Gellatly is the founder and chair of Healthcare RM; she’s been involved in private and public sector healthcare consultancy for over 30 years – 16 of those at the helm of Healthcare RM. She’s known for challenging the status quo and driving innovation in the prevention and management of employee health risks.

Tim Barnes, business development director, has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. He is fascinated by the underlying factors that make employees tick – and ensuring this ties in with corporate clients and partners to manage health risk and healthcare provision.

Adam Hamilton, functional health director, has a background in corrective exercise and biopsychosocial impacts on physical and psychological wellbeing. Adam currently competes in the Triathlon for Team GB having previously also competitively skied for Great Britain.