Good relationships between employees are the building blocks for a well-rounded company culture, something that 94% of executives and 88% of employees say is important to business success. As such, Tide explores how to facilitate socially distanced team-building activities that foster strong relationships within your team and enhance your company’s culture.

Liza Haskell, Interim VP of People and Culture at Tide, explains:

“Team building is a great way for new colleagues to get to know each other and for existing colleagues to strengthen relationships. Strong relationships with co-workers and mentors motivate us to perform at peak levels and enjoy ourselves in the process. We’ve collated 20 exercises which can improve communication, collaboration, and trust within your teams, helping to enhance your company culture and contribute to long-term business success. Most of all, happier teams make for a better work environment, so use these ideas to have fun, to laugh, to joke and enjoy each other’s company.


“As COVID-19 has caused a shift from in-person to remote-work environments, you may be wondering how to boost team morale and employee engagement from home. Luckily, many team building activities can still be carried out over a video-conferencing platform like Zoom”.


20 straightforward and effective activities that you can host with minimal cost or resources include:


Break the ice, team bonding and building relationships Improving camaraderie Collaboration and teamwork Problem solving and task management Creative or logical thinking Communication Leadership
What’s My Name X
Memory Wall X X
The Shrinking Space X X X
Survival X X X X
The Mixed-up Jigsaw X X
Lip-Sync Battle X X
Back-to-Back Drawing X X
Zombie Escape X X X X
Salt and Pepper X X X
The Paper Plane Challenge X X X
Two Truths, One Lie X X
Scavenger Hunt X X
The “Suddenly” Story X X
Dragon’s Den X X X
Office Trivia X X
Balls & Buckets X X X X
The Great Egg Drop X X X
The Marshmallow Challenge X X X
Community Volunteering X
Improv Workshops X


For more information on each of the 20 activities, visit: