The Top 10 “Workcation” Hotspots in Europe

Workcations are on the rise, with home workers choosing to jet off and work remotely in exotic locations around the world. 


As the name suggests, a workcation is a working vacation. Google Trends data shows a 458% increase in the term “workcation” in 2023 compared to five years ago in 2018.


With almost half of Brits (44%) working remotely in 2023 (Office for National Statistics), workcations are expected to increase in the coming years. Data from Finder UK suggests 21% of Brits plan to work remotely abroad in 2023, up from just 11% in 2022.


As the ultimate trend for work-life balance, workcations allow employees the freedom to escape on a holiday or mini break without using their annual leave, which can lead to higher employee satisfaction in a role. A study from Forbes also indicates that employee performance can increase by up to 40% when workers have autonomy via location independence and have more flexibility over their work life.


With that being said, the team at Iglu Cruise have revealed the best workcation hotspots in Europe, for those looking to take advantage of a working holiday. The team took each capital city in Europe and scored them on the following categories:


  • Average internet speed (Mbps)
  • Average price of an Airbnb per night
  • Cheapest flight price from London


The cities were then ranked for each category (with 10 being the best) and the total number of points was combined for the final score.


Ranking Destination Internet speed (Mbps) Internet speed points The average price of Airbnb per night The average price of Airbnb per night points Cheapest return flights from London Cheapest return flights from London points Total Score (combined number of points)
1st Bucharest, Romania 224.21 10 £59 10 £36 3 23
2nd Sofia, Bulgaria 77.95 1 £73 9 £25 10 20
3rd Madrid, Spain 218.37 9 £83 7 £38 1 17
3rd Lisbon, Portugal 111.09 5 £114 4 £31 8 17
3rd Copenhagen, Denmark 205.61 8 £208 1 £31 8 17
6th Vilnius, Lithuania 109 4 £110 5 £32 7 16
7th Riga, Latvia 94.34 3 £87 6 £33 5 14
8th Belgrade, Serbia 92.95 2 £81 8 £36 3 13
8th Stockholm, Sweden 125.73 6 £164 2 £33 5 13
10th Budapest, Hungary 174.37 7 £120 3 £37 2 12


  1. Bucharest, Romania

Internet Speed – 224.21 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £59

Cheapest Flights – £36

Time Zone – Two hours ahead


In first place as the best workcation destination is Bucharest, Romania. The Romanian capital has the fastest internet speed at 224.21 Mbps and the lowest average Airbnb price per night of £59. The cheapest return flights from London were £36.


Famously referred to as “little Paris”, Bucharest is rich in culture, history and amazing cuisine. Modern, lively bars and cafes contrast with neo-gothic architecture, museums and art galleries. Considered to be one of Europe’s most affordable destinations, the Romanian capital is the perfect escape for a short break.


  1. Sofia, Bulgaria

Internet Speed – 77.95 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £73

Cheapest Flights – £25

Time Zone – Two hours ahead


Sofia, Bulgaria is the second best workcation destination. Sofia scored highly on Airbnb per night at £73 and had the cheapest return flights from London at just £25. However, the internet speed was the lowest out of the top 10 cities at 77.97 Mbps.


Home to many of Bulgaria’s best museums, restaurants, and clubs, Sofia is a great destination to visit for a working holiday. Tourists can enjoy some famous attractions including St Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the National Museum of History and Vitosha Mountain.


  1. Madrid, Spain

Internet Speed – 218.37 (Mbps)

Airbnb per night – £83

Cheapest Flights – £38

Time Zone – One hour ahead


In third place as the best workcation city is Madrid, Spain. The Spanish capital had the second-fastest average internet speed at 218.37 Mbps, and accommodation was also relatively cheap at around £83 per night. However, the flights were the most expensive out of all the cities, at £38 from London.


Located in central Spain, Madrid is bustling with trendy cafes, independent shops and of course, amazing tapas! There are plenty of activities to do; the Royal Palace and Retiro Park are just a few of the famous tourist attractions to visit. Shopping on Gran Via is also recommended for those visiting the city. The world-famous Prado Museum can also be found in the capital, along with Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.


  1. Lisbon, Portugal 

Internet Speed – 111.09(Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £114

Cheapest Flights – £31

Time Zone – Same time as the UK


Lisbon, Portugal is the next city included as the best workcation destination. The city has some of the cheapest return flights from London, starting at £31. Internet speed is on average 111.09 Mbps and the average Airbnb is £114 per night.


Like Rome, Lisbon is known as the “City of Seven Hills”, and offers some of the best views and sunsets in all of Europe. With amazing food, rich history and stunning beaches, the city has it all. Famous landmarks to visit include Belem Tower, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and São Jorge Castle. The weather is also usually sunny all year round, making it a great destination to work outside on your laptop in a local cafe.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark 

Internet Speed – 205.61 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £208

Cheapest Flights – £31

Time Zone – One hour ahead


Another great workcation hotspot is Copenhagen, Denmark. Return flights from London can be found for £31, and internet speed also scored highly, at 205.61 Mbps. However, accommodation was the most expensive out of all the cities at around £208 per night on average.


Home of hygge, Copenhagen is a great place to relax and unwind. Known as one of the happiest cities in the world, the Danish capital is home to Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid Statue and Rosenborg Castle. Just a short flight from the UK, Copenhagen has a lot to offer.


  1. Vilnius, Lithuania

Internet Speed – 109 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £110

Cheapest Flights – £32

Time Zone -Two hours ahead


Vilnius, Lithuania is the next workcation location on the list. Internet speed was a little lower than some of the other cities at 109 Mbps, however, flights were cheap, starting at £32. Airbnb prices were in the mid-range, at around £110 per night.


Vilnius is a hidden gem of Europe and has been quietly charming all who visit for years. Home to the largest old town in central and eastern Europe, the city is filled with picturesque churches, palaces and museums. The Lithuanian capital is also said to have a very good transportation system, with buses, trains and trams taking you all around the city, making Vilnius an excellent destination for solo travel too.


  1. Riga, Latvia

Internet Speed – 94.34 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £87

Cheapest Flights – £33

Time Zone – Two hours ahead


The next city included is Riga, Latvia. The average cost of an Airbnb in Riga can be as little as £87, with return flights found for £33. Internet speed in the Latvian capital is on average 94.34 Mbps.


Riga is a hugely underrated tourist destination, boasting some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. If you’re a fan of architecture, Riga is well worth a visit, with art nouveau found all around the city. Riga is also home to the largest market in Europe, Riga Central Market, where you can find delicious food, locally made clothing, fine jewellery, and accessories.


  1. Belgrade, Serbia

Internet Speed – 92.95 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £81

Cheapest Flights – £36

Time Zone – One hour ahead


The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is the next city on the list for the best workcation destinations. Airbnb cost per night scored highly, at around £81 on average. However, the internet speed was the second-lowest out of the cities at 92.95 Mbps. Return flights were also slightly higher than in other cities, starting at £36 from London.


Belgrade is famously known for its club scene, however, there is so much more to the Serbian capital. Cafe culture is huge in the Balkans, meaning you won’t struggle to find somewhere to sit down and get some work done. In the evenings, you can visit some of the city’s most famous attractions, including The Belgrade Fortress and The Temple of Saint Sava.


  1. Stockholm, Sweden

Internet Speed – 125.73 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £164

Cheapest Flights – £33

Time Zone – One hour ahead


Internet speed in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, is high, at 125.73 Mbps. However, accommodation was more expensive than other cities, at £164 a night on average. Flights were relatively cheap, starting at £33 return from London.


Stockholm sits on 14 different islands, so the best way to see the city is on a sightseeing boat tour. The city also has over 100 museums, including the ABBA Museum and Vasa Museum. Stockholm also has a vibrant food scene, with the Östermalm Market Hall serving everything from fresh seafood, meats and cheeses, freshly baked goods and delicious desserts.


  1. Budapest, Hungary

Internet Speed – 174.37 (Mbps)

Airbnb Per Night – £120

Cheapest Flights – £37

Time Zone – One hour ahead


Finally, Budapest, Hungary is the last workcation destination. Return flights from London start at £37 and the price of accommodation is £120 a night on average. Internet speed is high at 174.37 Mbps.


Budapest is a city that everyone needs to visit once in their lifetime. With world-famous thermal baths such as Szechenyi, guests can enjoy massage treatments, saunas and 18 geothermal pools. However, it’s not all relaxation, as Budapest also has a vibrant nightlife, with many bars, clubs and music venues located around the city. This city has it all.