Every business wants to innovate- but improving company innovation can seem like insurmountable task. Things have always been done certain way, there is tech that can’t match what other competitors up to – or sometimes it just feels like there are stale ideas in the business and a motivation issue.

So how can you improve company innovation? Whilst Google might have the famous 80/20 set up where employees spend 20% of the time focused on projects that interest them in order to drive innovation, in the real-world there are targets, sales revenues and also job titles and duties to consider.

So – we searched high and low for fully actionable tips that you can do today to improve company innovation.

  • Get a whiteboard

A whiteboard is a great tool for any style of learner. Because writing on whiteboard  involves listening, looking at words and pictures and also potentially writing their own ideas down before committing to the board, this simple tool can help increase innovation with most people. Dedicate one board to the office floor or department and encourage both off-the-cuff ideas which can be written at any time -as well as sessions which are not compulsory but are encouraged, where people can brainstorm and bounce ideas around. This blend will soon produce realistic ideas that can improve how your business performs.

  • Use the Golden ticket

The golden ticket is a sales idea whereby something that is normally restricted is opened up and the boundaries are gone. A great idea is to give each person in your company a golden ticket for innovation- perhaps for some development time or the time of the manager or senior leader where they can discuss the ideas that they think are going to drive your company forward. You can do this in many different ways. Perhaps a golden ticket would allow certain amount of time for hearing with the official board, or it would mean that they have the chance to present at an innovation meeting. The golden ticket is a great way to show that you are committed to overcoming boundaries and obstacles in your business.

  • Make experimentation a good word

If people in your business think that everyone has a task and they just get on blindly with it, that’s not good for morale or perception. A great thing that your marketing or internal communication team can be responsible for is promoting experimentation in the business. This means celebrating people who have experimented-even if the project failed. It might seem odd to want to celebrate something that potentially lost money, clients, or was responsible for server outage or something else quite disastrous at the time. However, a message from a leader reiterating that ‘without trying there would be no knowing and without knowing, there will be no growing’ is something that stays with people. As well as taking the ridicule out of any situation that didn’t turn out as planned, it turns the dialogue to how things can be fixed. As a silver lining, when things go wrong don’t forget you are training people in how to adapt quickly to negative situations, something that again is only good for your business.

  • Use books and guides

Investing in the latest books, Apps for employee phones and also sharing white papers/ guides and best practice shows that you are interested in driving learning and innovation. Why not share your favourite website with your employees and encourage them to get a free subscription? You might also want to dedicate a period that is typically downtime in business,- we are thinking Friday at five o’clock – to do something more productive like reading, competitor research or adding ideas to a wish list.

These are just a few tips that can help increase innovation in and your business and they also easy to get started with today simply share your favourite book guide for subscription, create awareness of the golden ticket system, White clean that whiteboard and get ready for some great ideas what well