If you want some tips for planning a successful incentive travel programme, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are arranging for your affiliates, partners, resellers or even your customers or colleagues, planning a successful incentive travel programme takes time and expertise.

We wanted to take a closer look at the ‘must do’s’ before you get started.

Incentive travel planning

Work with a trusted supplier – and inform them

Pick an incentive travel supplier that you trust and has experience working with your budget and type of event. After you’ve selected, keep them informed! Take time to meet with stakeholders and ask them what they are happy with so you can share the answers with your destination and incentive travel professional. Here are a couple of ideas

Prepare a guest count

Even if it’s an estimate, it helps your agent provide initial recommendations – will your incentive be taken by all, or just a few? Will there be any ‘bandings’ or special treatment within those lucky attendees?

Get straight with your guest origins

Where will your guests be flying in from? One of the best things a travel agent can assist with is booking group air, hotel and ground transportation. Not only does it make travel easier, but also it can save everyone money and time

Know your ages

Whilst any age can enjoy a getaway, letting your travel agent know if it will be a multi-generational affair or a soiree packed with a 20 something crowd will help them get the perfect venue

Money, money, money

Budget is key. ensure you have something in the realm of a ballpark before you meet up and discuss destinations

Is there a VIP List?

Although every guest matters, there are some that you’ll want to provide with extra special attention- perhaps your superstars from the year? Your travel agent can help secure upgrades and extra amenities to surprise and delight these guests and ensure the costs are all accounted for.

What’s the plan?

Once you’ve had a meetup or a ceremony to celebrate success, you don’t want your guests wondering “what’s next”. A range of activities, either to be done as a group, solo or as couples can be ideal. You might opt to keep the party going for a few more days, or give attendees the chance to escape to another destination. Your travel agent can provide options for either scenario.