This month sees the multi-award winning TripGift® ‘online Travel store and global digital gift card brands’, launch a plethora of new partnerships across the globe, supporting the earlier soft launch of with 200+ eLearning courses available via its multi-currency gift card API.

TripGift® is supporting Group Incentive Travel and Global Event stakeholders during the pandemic who have had to cancel or reschedule existing incentive trips. In a recent trend Global Event stakeholders have created a range of new and exciting digital alternative formats of events for their groups to enjoy remotely, or at a personally safe to travel to venue of their choice, whilst still delivering all of the excitement, surprise and delight, recognition and inclusive experience desired by all.

The alternative Group Incentive Travel solution is delivered as a variable value 34 currency digital gift card to support local recipient currency transactions, offering over 1.5 million domestic or international travel and personal development products to redeem on its websites, which can be enjoyed during the event, after the event or at the recipients leisure. TripGift’s robust COVID-secure supplier contracts and dynamic processes enable swift delivery of alternative suppliers in the event a supplier or tourism destination being unable to deliver on its initial booking.

“TripGift are doing what they set out to do, by co-collaborating to enable Travel and eLearning everywhere for the 1.7 billion underbanked and cash preferred market, reducing uncertainty and disappointment caused by the pandemic for Group Incentive Travel and Global Events and by delivering some much needed escapism and wellness travel experiences for recipients and their families to redeem ‘free or subsidized’ travel through global Employee Recognition programs, Incentives or Loyalty Rewards,” says Cary George, CEO of TripGift®.

“Adversity creates opportunity,” George continues “by using our branded currency experience for ‘something to look forward to’ delivers some much-needed hope, and positive memories which in-turn boosts productivity, at home or on the go.”