Every time we see something cool, we add more and round up our pick of employee gifts so we have the information of what to buy employees ready and stored. But sometimes, employees have their own peccadilloes. Especially if they are British – home of the brew fan. So – here is the gift guide for the employee that just loves a tea! Employee gifts don’t have to be boring – take a look at these picks! Please note that no links are affiliated – so you can shop knowing these are impartially picked by millennials who absolutely love online shopping (and tea.)

Let’s get on it!


If they really love tea, then a bag is so 2000. This Tea infuser hits all the cute buttons and comes in a nice box too. (Think wrappable).


Red Letter Days Thames Afternoon Cruise

What is a tea without a carb to soak it up? A little bit cultures and a lot British, this is a nice package gift.

baby Nessie infuser – We drink Yorkshire tea from giant mugs and eat Aldi biscuits so this thing makes no sense to us. But it looks nice.

Who can resist a bit of country casual? This Joules Just My Cup of Tea mug references biscuits, tea and has a font any designer would find appealing.

Knows someone who only drinks a Builder’s tea? Get them this mug. Visible underpants and sky high quotes for work optional extras.


This teapot is £95 – John Lewis have got the right idea. However, it looks high value. This is the kind of thing a tea lover will get out to show their friends.

This Where there is tea there is hope mug is bright and cheery and not to gender specific. A winner.

This also says ‘graphic designer gift’ to us and is a nice Tea print for the home / desk space.

We couldn’t believe that this Elephant Teapot was just £25, it looks like it was sourced from somewhere far flung and exotic.

If you said ‘I am going to get Jenny some Tea bags‘ you would be right to get a sneer. Not when they look this pretty….

These are just cool. Jaybird coasters


This is tenuous but origins have nice ingredients, feels luxe but not romantically luxe – and the White tea SPF 40 doesn’t mention ageing (shudder) or ‘youth’ but feels grown up and clean. A nice treat.

Joules Tea towels are cute.

An Emma Bridgewater tea holder will be a staple for someone who likes the country look.

These seemed quite cools and rugged. Our hipster senses are tingling.  Bark coasters sort of say ‘I like tea. And my unicycle and beard.’

If you do like tea, then get a John Lewis Tea Hamper. This is the daddy of them. Ugh, salivating.

We saw this Personalised tea box and even as tea fans wondered what would go in it. But it looks nice.

More Coasters

That’s it for now. We are shopped out. But happy. What kind of amazing job have we created for ourselves where we pick out gifts and spend no money? The bank manager is delighted. Let us know who we should target next.