The workplace trends for 2018

If organisations want to succeed in 2018 and beyond, they need to be aware of some of the workplace trends for 2018 and how these will affect them and their workforce, according to CV-Library. The job site conducts research on a monthly basis amongst an average of 1,200 UK workers, highlighting candidate trends around a variety of topics. It pulled out some of the top findings from the last 12 months to provide its workplace trends predictions for 2018.

  1. More fluidity in the job market: Nearly half of workers, 46.8%, believe it’s acceptable to leave a job after less than a year, with this number increasing to 65% amongst 18- to 24-year-olds. Despite there still being an unconscious bias that a strong employment history in one company demonstrates loyalty, CV-Library predicts that 2018 will likely see more workers opting for freelance and contract positions in a bid to restore balance in their lives.
  2. Higher importance on workplace perks: Two-thirds of professionals, 62.1% stated they consider workplace perks to be a key factor when looking for a job. With many companies seeking new ways to stand out from their competitors, this will continue to be a priority next year. What’s more, some of the most desirable benefits included flexible working, seasonal bonuses and extra holiday.
  3. More progress on closing the gender pay gap: A staggering 87.9% of women said that they’ve been paid less because of their gender. With this being a hot topic in the press, there will be more pressure on organisations to ensure fair and equal pay in their workplaces.
  4. Rise in companies offering returnships: More than three-quarters of the nation’s workers, 79%, admit they would be more inclined to join a company that offered a returnship programme and the trend of organisations offering these is set to grow even further in 2018.
  5. More flexibility for workers: Currently, only 27.3% of UK professionals have the opportunity to work from home when they want to. However, companies could benefit from a more engaged workforce if they embrace these workplace trends. This could help with recruitment and retention rates and give organisations an edge over their competitors.
  6. A focus on a strong work-life balance: Among workers, 64% admit that they often work more than their contracted hours. Overworked staff will operate at lower levels of productivity, so it is in the interest of employers and staff alike to ensure that they encourage a good work-life balance in 2018.
  7. Strong leadership will drive employee morale: Bad management is often cited as the top reason for employees becoming stressed at work or leaving organisations altogether. Organisations should focus on creating a robust senior management team, which can drive growth and happiness.
  8. Companies will take diversity more seriously: With 70.8% of UK workers saying that discrimination around age is common in their workplace, there will be more of a focus on celebrating all kinds of diversity including both age and gender.