“We only want to hire Rockstars”….

Well, that’s great and all but… what makes you think that these “Rockstars” want to come work for you?

If you TRULY want the top players in the market, you better be prepared to..

1.) Open up your wallet – Stop with the champagne on a beer budget routine and put your money where your mouth is…
2.) Have an awesome product- top dawgs want to sell top products. Simple as that.
3.) Let them do their thing – After they’ve completed their training on your product, be there for support not an obstacle in their way
4.) Growth- Paint a clear and concise picture for them to reach their career goals within your company and set a REALISTIC time frame
5.) Did I mention- open your wallet?


This week’s quotable was spotted on LinkedIn and is credited to Senior Recruiter at Bright Edge, New York City, Shaun Hervey.
BrightEdge transforms online content into tangible business results, such as traffic, revenue, and engagement. BrightEdge’s award-winning SEO platform is powered by a sophisticated big data analysis engine and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of digital content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social, and mobile.


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