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Andrea verri, Co-founder & CEO of Amilon give us his view on the Italian incentive industry and his future plans for the business

Please provide our readers with an overview of the Italian incentive industry
The Italian incentive world has been dominated for many years with rewards from the travel industry and physical products. An important role has also been played by paper multibrand vouchers. Digital rewards like e-gift cards are starting to make big
inroads as employees prefer them and companies realise the cost savings and benefits of real-time, instant rewards. Agencies however are slower to convert as they prefer traditional rewards, as the margins are bigger.

Tell us about Amilon’s digital gifting solution
Amilon was born in 2007 with the launch of the first European e-shop for online gift cards. So we started many years ago to offer retailers digital solutions for their gift cards. After years of experience, we have developed digital solutions for retailers and for incentive houses and agencies. We can help retailers to issue and redeem digital gift cards in store and online from their websites. Also, we offer them a platform to manage B2B orders for their digital gift cards, with big savings in costs, time and security compared to traditional B2B sales of gift cards. And we are also a channel for them as we re-sell their e-cards in the B2B market.

What makes your product unique?
We have developed all our technology internally, we don’t use third parties’ software. Our solutions are reliable, we supply or are integrated into the incentive platforms of top international
companies and we work with major minternational retailers.

What are the future plans for the business?
To date we have provided our services mainly in Italy where the market is growing and there are still many opportunities, but we believe we can offer our portfolio and services in Europe as digital grows and more companies, retailers and agencies, are
looking for the best digital solution.

How do our readers contact you?
They can visit our website for more information or call us on +39 0236 559 668. If they prefer they can send an email to me personally at andrea.verri@


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