A quarter of gift-giving employers will go digital this Christmas

New research by a digital gift card service has revealed that over half of British business owners will present their employees with a Christmas treat this year, with alcohol and digital gift cards topping the list. According to the poll, 71% of business owners who will purchase digital card rewards for their employers do so because it allows their employees to use it as and when they wish, with no need to hit the high street.

Research has revealed that, of the 47% of British employers who don’t purchase Christmas treats for their employees, one fifth of employers simply can’t afford to treat their staff.

The survey was conducted by Giftcloud (, a digital gift card service which allows the British public to buy and send digital gift cards instantly via text, email and Facebook for the first time in the UK. 2,108 British business owners around the UK, all of whom stated they had been in business for a minimum of two years, were quizzed about their employee benefits schemes and whether or not they treated their employees at Christmas.

Initially, all respondents were asked ‘Do you reward or treat your employees around Christmas?’ to which slightly over half of respondents, 53%, stated ‘yes’, with the remaining respondents, 47%, stating ‘no’. Those who stated they do gift something to their employees were asked why they did this, with the most common responses being ‘to reward them for their hard work’ (42%) and ‘it’s a nice way to show gratitude’ (36%).

Similarly, respondents who do offer something to their employees were asked what they were most likely to gift, with ‘alcohol’ (28%), ‘digital gift cards or instant rewards’ (25%) and ‘a small bonus’ (16%) topping the list.

Wanting to delve a little deeper, all those who stated they would be purchasing an instant reward or online gift card for their employees this year were asked why. When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top 5 results were as follows;

1. Easy for staff members to use when they wish – 71%
2. There’s less hassle involved with purchasing non-tangible gifts – 70%
3. Cost-effective when buying in bulk – 55%
4. The instant buy and send is convenient – 50%
5. Can order from the office, without having to go out – 31%

According to the poll, 69% of respondents who treat their employees feel that their staff benefit from this, with 63% stating they feel their employees ‘are more motivated’ as a result. 84% stated that they believed their employees ‘are more likely to keep up the good work’ after receiving a gift.

Respondents who stated they didn’t do anything for their employees around Christmas time were asked why. ‘The Christmas party we have is enough of a reward’ (43%) and ‘the company can’t afford to gift each and every employee’ (19%) were the most common responses.

Greg LeTocq, the founder of Giftcloud, commented:

“We’re shocked by how many employers don’t treat their employees at Christmas, particularly as it’s the main time of the year to show thanks and appreciation. Yes, the costs may add up if the workforce is large, but showing someone that you’re grateful for their consistently hard work goes a long way in building employee morale, which builds respect and makes them want to continue to work hard.

“Of those who do treat their employees with a Christmas gift, it’s great to see that so many employers are looking at digital gift rewards this year. A lot of people prefer to shop online these days and struggle to find the time to hit the high street, and this gift fits well with these Britons – allowing them to reap the rewards from wherever they so wish; whether that’s their sofa, out and about whilst shopping or just simply on the move.”

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