We all like to be beside the seaside, but those who work by it in Brighton have several more reasons to be perky.

Research has revealed that employers in the East Sussex city offer more perks associated with work-life balance than other UK locations.

Brightonians will also be happy to know the city topped tables in terms of overall benefits offered, at 2.5 perks per job advert, closely followed by Bristol at 1.6 perks per job role, and Cardiff, at 1.5.

The research, conducted by business travel experts Red7, aimed to reveal a snapshot of the cities which offer the most perks such as flexible hours and parental benefits to employees.

To conduct the study, online job adverts were analysed for five top career roles in ten locations across the UK, recording the frequency with which all listed perks appeared. A minimum of 50 job adverts per location were analysed, with results then compiled to paint a picture of which cities offered the most perks and benefits according to a range of categories.

Work-life balance perks in Brighton, which included flexi hours and a free holiday day for birthdays, made up 6.5 per cent of all benefits offered by employers in the city.

Ian Lucas, Founder of Red7, said: “As a Brighton-based business which takes employee incentives very seriously, we are happy to see the other employers in the city also offer employees perks and benefits to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

“Although people should find satisfaction in their jobs, a good work-life balance is very important. This hot topic appears to be gaining more recognition as time goes on.“

The top five cities for work-life balance perks were:

  1. Brighton
  2. Bristol
  3. Leeds
  4. London
  5. Belfast

Other findings from the research include:

  • Brighton offered the most perks for multiple categories, including work-life balance, family and parental benefits, and food and drink benefits.
  • Bristol also performed well, offering the highest number of commuting benefits, as well as benefits in relation to bonuses and investments.

Based on the overall amount of perks offered in each individual city:

  • Edinburgh offered the largest percentage of employee health benefits with 21.2 per cent of all of the city’s benefits fitting into this category.
  • York offered the largest percentage of fun and games benefits with 10 per cent of all of the city’s benefits fitting into this category.
  • Oxford offered the largest percentage of food and drink benefits with 5 per cent of all of the city’s benefits fitting into this category.