Energy Assets, one of Britain’s leading independent metering and utility network construction businesses, has launched a new health and wellbeing framework for its people.


EA Health has been developed to provide mental and physical health support to the company’s 802 employees across the country at a time when everyone is adapting to the ‘new normal’ brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We have been working on this initiative for many months but there has probably never been a more appropriate moment to introduce EA Health,” says Jen Faichney, Head of HR at Energy Assets.


“We are all going through a period of uncertainty during which staying connected, keeping active and being mindful of those around us is vitally important. The wellbeing framework we have developed aims to encourage our people to share any worries and concerns, because we know that good health is a pre-requisite for a productive work-life balance.”


The launch of EA Health coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week and provides a range of wellbeing support options, including access to Mental Health First Aiders trained to respond and listen to the concerns of team members.


Says Jen Faichney: “By creating a shared understanding of why wellbeing is so important across our organisation, we aim to encourage a positive approach to mental and physical health founded on awareness and understanding, support and behaviours.”