Splurge or save?

An indulgent treat for themselves and/or others or a way to stretch the household budget? How do people redeem their gift cards?

Risk averse?

How many businesses would walk that metaphorical tightrope if it guaranteed more sales and came with a safety net? If fixed-fee companies are that net, why are brands choosing not to step up to the wire at all?

Planning an away day?

If you’re thinking of planning an away day or break that’s aimed at motivating your workforce, the good news is that pretty much anything is available.

Trophy lives

Choosing the most appropriate staff awards can really inspire, reward and motivate your workforce.

Talking the right language

Communication surrounds us 24/7. We may not always do it well, but we do it all the time. Little wonder that internal communication in business is taking on new significance.

Prepay = child’s play

The concept of preloaded cards for youngsters may be an emotive subject for some, but with take-up steadily growing, it appears parents are being won over by the benefits cards can bring.

2012: Year of top-class events

This year’s long list of conferences and expos is in full swing and shows no sign of slowing. We look back on, and ahead to, two of 2012’s main diary events…

Incentives that work

Incentive and Motivation finds out about some of the techniques spurring modern incentive programmes to success.

Attention seekers

As plastic gift cards jostle for attention among the aisles and racks of retail stores, Incentive and Motivation’s Gemma Houltby asks what this means for card design.

Latest features

Especially for you


The best incentives mean something special to each recipient – and an increasing range of gift card options is enabling employers to make sure every reward is a perfect fit

The right fit


When it comes to incentives, one size does not fit all. So how can employers make sure they deliver the desired results?

The great outdoors


There’s nothing like fun-packed outdoor experience to blow away the cobwebs and get staff feeling rejuvenated

Come together


A fragmented workforce can make team motivation a challenge – but the right strategies can engage and unify employees

Spread a little luxury


A carefully chosen gift at Christmas can make a real difference to your employees. Whether the budget is big or small, a touch of luxury will let them know that their contribution to your business is truly valued. From traditional favourites to the latest trends, here is a selection of the luxuries that are set to make an impact this Christmas