Healix Health Services, the UK’s leading independent healthcare trust provider, has partnered with Amba, the ESG employee benefits consultancy, to create an effective multi-employer trust for its clients as an alternative to Private Medical Insurance (PMI).  


Part of the wider Lumina suite of offerings, Lumina Health is offered as a service exclusively to Amba’s clients and is facilitated by Healix Health Services. The product is a healthcare trust that allows Amba clients to pool money that they would have paid into large insurance premiums into one cost effective trust. The fund is then used to pay out for employee healthcare claims in a similar way to PMI, but any remaining money left at the end of the year is rolled over into the next year rather than being lost in premiums.  


While being more cost efficient for the clients, it also has tangible benefits for their employees, giving them access to a much greater range of services than they would have through traditional insurance packages. As such, Amba can offer its clients benefits that are more inclusive across age, gender and ethnicity. This includes things such as counselling, physiotherapy and women’s health.  


Through this new partnership, clients will have access to Healix’s clinical expertise while benefiting from Amba’s exclusive insights and ESG employee benefits technologyIt will also drive proactive employee engagement with health and wellbeing benefits by introducing positive features such as wearable devices and wellbeing activities for employees. Ultimately, this aims to prevent health risks, avoiding future health claims and reducing premiums, alongside creating a happier and healthier workforce. 




Ian Talbot, CEO at Healix, comments: 

“At Healix, we’re dedicated to making sure our clients have flexible and bespoke healthcare benefits that cater for the wide ranging and specific needs of their workforce, and that’s why we are delighted to be working with Amba to create a more inclusive and proactive approach to healthcare benefits. The expertise and innovation that Lumina Health brings to the table will be a serious asset to drive effective solutions for their clients and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have.” 


Tobin Murphy-Coles, CEO at Amba added: 

“A great deal has been asked of employers when it comes to health and wellbeing in the workplace in the last year and it’s more important than ever to have the right solutions at hand to face the changing work environment. We’re pleased to be able to work with Healix to bring our innovative platform and expertise of employee benefits to the market, giving us the freedom and flexibility to create a healthcare solution that supports ED&I goals for our clients. It’s great to see our vision align with Healix’s in our goal to offer healthcare benefits that are inclusive for everyone, and truly respond to the needs of employees.”