New Site Launched Helps Employers Explore Private Healthcare

Choosing Private Healthcare for Business

Medigest aims to revolutionise the way consumers research and invest in private healthcare in the UK. The online platform has been specifically developed to offer consumers a comprehensive directory of private healthcare providers whilst facilitating and encouraging discussion between professionals and patients.

In the current climate of over stretched doctors and never-ending waiting lists on the NHS, patients across the country are turning to private healthcare for treatment as an alternative. However for many people navigating the private healthcare sector and making informed decisions can seem overwhelming. For others, simply finding the most relevant specialist or consultant can prove to be a challenge. However Medigest has been created to dispel the myths surrounding private healthcare and offer consumers unparalleled access to insurance brokers and specialists healthcare practitioners, enabling everyone to find appropriate healthcare solutions.

The Medigest platform is free for consumers to use and only offers information, nothing on the website is for sale, enabling visitors to make their own healthcare decisions.

Lianne Harrington, CEO of Medigest comments, “For many people, transitioning from the NHS to private healthcare can be a confusing process. Finding out information about the right treatment, the right practitioner, the right insurance provider and the right medical centre can often be a daunting task. With a background in private medical insurance, I came to recognise that there was a gap in the market for something which united fundamental elements of the sector.”

Medigest’s consumer forums have been specifically designed to allow people to connect and discuss topics, including healthcare options and treatments, as well as insurance policies and providers, with experts in the field. Consumers can ask questions about their current treatments, seek out alternatives and create their own bespoke healthcare packages.

Lianne continues, “Patients want to ensure that they are making the right decision for their health. However, this is made extremely difficult when you consider the huge variety of choice available – this can ultimately lead to services and treatments being overlooked. As a result, Medigest has been developed as a platform where professionals can engage and promote their services whilst providing impartial advice to aid in patient’s decisions.”


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