On pack promotions

One-third of UK adults (33%) are more likely to buy a particular product if it has an offer or promotion on the packet, according to new research from Sodexo Engage. The research also revealed that 69% of consumers have previously taken part in a sales promotion either on a pack, in-store or online, and more than half of consumers (51%) actively look for sales promotions online.


The research, conducted by tlf panel, surveyed 2,000 UK consumers about their attitudes towards sales promotions. The results showed that on-pack promotions, even in the modern retail landscape, are still able to positively engage customers and drive sales.


The research also revealed that more than a quarter of consumers (29%) are more likely to enter a competition where the prize is of low monetary value, but they are more likely to win, compared to just 12% who prefer prizes with a high monetary value, but lower odds of winning.


The findings also revealed that women were more likely to take part in a sales promotion (73%) than men (64%), with free prize draws proving the most popular type of in-store and online sales promotion. 18-24-year olds were the most likely age group to buy a product with an offer or promotion on the packet (42%), compared with consumers over 55, who were the least likely (25%).



“Our research dispels the myth that promotions don’t work. Consumers clearly have an appetite for them, whether in store or online, so brands should absolutely consider them as part of their marketing strategies. Britain’s shoppers are savvier than ever before, however, so any old offer won’t be enough to win them over. Brands need the right mix of punchy promotions, smart strategy and captivating creative to really wow the consumer and boost sales.”