Paratus People employees offered the chance to work a three-day week on full pay

A Bristol recruitment company has introduced an unusual flexible-working scheme for its staff.

Employees at Paratus People are being offered the chance to work a three-day week on full pay – but only if they hit a performance target.

If an individual can land six deals in one month they are allowed every Thursday and Friday off the following month

There’s no financial penalty either; the reward will be offered for every month the person hits their target.

The scheme applies to all employees – old and new, from junior to management level.

Paratus People managing director Tom White, said: “Flexible working is gaining great traction at the moment, and I was intrigued.

“After doing a bit of research, I realised that nobody in Bristol was doing anything like our scheme and I was quite surprised.

“Hiring professionals are sales-led and target-driven, so I wanted to provide an incentive that allowed them to still strive for those goals, while also getting rewarded.

“We know that a culture of longer hours doesn’t work – in fact it’s estimated that in a normal work day the average UK employee only manages three hours of actual work.

“If my team can meet their targets in three days rather than five, why should I make them come into the office for the extra two days?”

Hugh Jones, an employee at the company, says the incentive will motivate him to earn more free time to spend with his partner.

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