When it comes to building a reward platform, what do you need to know?

The great news is there are so many great examples you can learn from. Whether you want to give channel rewards, consumer rewards, sales incentives or internal perks – take a look at the range of examples and see what you can integrate! We’ve made this a part one because there are so many great examples. In this edition, we were really on the prowl for interesting content and how brands are using phrases, designs and ideas from ecommerce to make their reward sites appealing, whoever they are aimed at.


  1. Thycotic 

The details of this reward programme are online on the main site and whilst the portal is not available to mere mortals or publishers, the partner page is seriously comprehensive, selling in the programme. When there are 97,800,000 results for ‘become an affiliate’ for example, it’s a great idea to showcase how you work with partners and resellers. The best part of this is the integration of a partner channel is also the inclusion of the site-wide news and content, including webinars and blogs which provide a ‘snapshot’ of information. If you’re looking to pick up more partners, this could be a great way to make your programme seem really enticing.  If you want your resellers to be engaged and need them to understand your business, this could be a great idea to pick up.

2. Siemens

If you want to engage on your channel incentive programme and engage sales professionals, then show a winner. This publicly available site will allow the winner to showcase their big moment to friends and family – whilst the log-in function keeps other information tucked away. The imagery is professional and the design simple yet effective – in particular, the ‘who, what and why’ speaks to every new visitor, with Quick Links on the side that could easily showcase a variety of information for new or existing partners.

3. Tasty Rewards from Table Table and Whitbread Inns

Food is so enticing, isn’t it? This reward site for Table Table and Whitbread Inns is a shining example of a great site, making the points concept come to life, with a sliding design that showcases a variety of uses for ‘500 points’ – something that could fall flat without the right design and photography is instead wonderful to look at and simple to understand.


4. Hertfordshire Council 

This internal rewards site for employees looks incredibly slick, integrating a wide range of registration option sincludinghFacebook, LinkedIn, email and Google.

5. Suntrust 

Taking a tip out of the ecommerce playbook, Suntrust not only sells the dream with inspiring imagery (see the second image)  but also use filters on a left-hand nav that feels comfortable for many users to offer the ability to select rewards.

6. Barclaycard

Light, bright and airy, this reward site not only shows important information but also integrates videos, case studies and friendly language. ‘Love’ is the keyword, and the site doesn’t feel like a banking institution’s but instead something much more relateable.

7. New York Jets

They are being gunned for by everyone’s favourite entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, but the NY Jets already have a really impactful rewards sight. Despite it being baseball and aimed at the consumer, you can learn from their exciting call to action that includes words like passionate, loyal, excited, convenient, opportunity – it’s a dream marketing pitch, combined with that stunning imagery.

Another nice touch is the word ‘tutorials’ – an update on the FAQ phrasing that feels more like self-development and learning – a simple change of a phrase, but one that invokes the idea of engagement and investment.

8. Toshiba

The icon has never been better used than on a reward site. Sometimes, rewards are complex. Making it seem easier in a step by step process is a great touch and the whole site is designed to bring a sense of calm to the reward and partnership process – from the laid back chap in the hero image through to the phrases like ‘deserve’ ‘simple’ and ‘free’ – it looks plain sailing. It’s also an interesting concept to have a brand message as you would a traditional marketing campaign – the 12erwards – whilst hard to physically say – is visually striking and likely to stick in the mind – key when a reseller may be working with a range of other campaigns and partners.

We hope you have picked up a few interesting ideas for how some top brands are promoting their reward sites.

Images: As referenced, with thanks