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The logistiks of engagement

Meet the team who are bringing engagement to the UK, one company at a time


How many businesses can hold their hands up and say they have a truly engaged workforce?

Engagement is a concept that’s been bandied about a great deal but it’s one that’s much easier to talk about than it is to harness which is why one business, frustrated by poor employee communication and lack of vision, decided to do something about it and set off to bring quality communication and engagement to the business world.

The team at Logistik ploughs its energies into delivering brand and marketing campaigns, communications strategies and live experiences for brands including Lloyds Banking Group, the Post Office, M&S, Royal Mail, BT, the NHS and EDF Energy.

Dirk Mischendahl heads up the business with fellow managing director James Wilkins. Mischendahl says: “When we started out, we watched clients spending huge sums of money on unsophisticated communication without measuring its effectiveness. We asked them what they were getting back from their investments and showed them how compelling communication could be with the right measurements and energy behind it.”

Logistik’s goal to develop great internal engagement, which in turn creates brand ambassadors, would seem daunting to many, but its approach is straightforward.

“When we say that we start by understanding the client, we mean it. We spend time in the business, we study the culture and see how it operates. We ask for many different people’s perspectives and talk to its leaders. We research competitors, so that we understand the challenges the business faces. Only then can we find the answer for that business,” adds Wilkins.

In investing the time in these companies, Logistik can boast client relationships that stretch back to its early days.

“Our clients know that we want to innovate and they do too – they are inspired by ‘newness’. They appreciate the new ideas we put to them because it shows we’re always thinking about them,” says Wilkins.
Indeed, with a team of 103 people within Logistik, who can offer skills ranging from brand communications to graphic design and digital marketing, there are plenty of creative ideas to develop into solutions.
And when asked how they envisage the business will develop over the next few years, Mischendahl and Wilkins are confident they will continue to innovate.

“We’re in a good place and we enjoy working on projects that matter. But we’re keen to push boundaries – not just in our own business, but in our clients’. If they’re willing to develop, we’ll work with them to ensure they’re making those important connections between brand and audience.”

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