1. Quit your ‘wait problem’ 

Too many people are kicking happiness into the long grass; I’ll be happy when C-19 goes away, I’ll be happy at Easter, I’ll be happy in the summer, I’ll be happy when we get back to ‘normal’…

We’re experiencing a massive ‘wait problem’. Getting stuck in the rut of wishing your life away is a terrible waste of your days. Quit waiting for happiness. If there’s anything good to come out of 2020 it’s a reminder that being alive is the best thing ever.


  1. The year of hugging

When restrictions are lifted, treat your loved ones to extended hugs. For the love to transfer between two people a hug needs to last 7 seconds or longer (be warned, counting out loud spoils the effect.


  1. Wield your kindness super-power

2020 had its troubles but it also brought out plenty of full fat human kindness. Here are the 5 levels of kindness. Aim for mastery in 2021.

  1. a)Kindness to yourself (self-care)
  2. b)Kindness for no reason (be a bucket filler)
  3. c)Random acts of kindness (5 a day)
  4. d)Anonymous random acts of kindness (niceness ninja)
  5. e)Be kind to the unkind (niceness grand master)


  1. Do less. Be more.

Commit to being less busy. Invest in relationships. Be fully present with the people you love.


  1. Create a ripple

Appreciate that your happiness is bigger than you. It has a ripple effect and [positively] infects those around you. A happy friend will make you 14% happier. A happy sibling will increase your happiness by 17%. A happy neighbour raises your happiness by a whopping 34%. So quit waiting for someone else to start the happiness revolution. Step up! Be that friend. Be that brother/sister. Be that neighbour.

A bit about Andy – the Doctor of Happiness

Dr Andy Cope has been immersed in the science of wellbeing for 15 years. His Loughborough PhD qualifies him as the UK’s first doctor of happiness. Andy has written several best-selling books on happiness and wellbeing. His brand new book ‘The Happiness Revolution’ is due for publication in 2021.

Andy is a sought after media commentator. He is knowledgeable and ‘real’, as well as having a quirky and entertaining take on matters concerning happiness, wellness, self-care, mental health and resilience.

In 2020 he appeared on BBC 5-Live, BBC Radio 1, SKY News and a host of regional and international news platforms.