New worker legislation in April, alongside further potential changes, is causing headaches for business owners – and could divert from genuine improvement to employee experience

With workers’ rights high on the news agenda in the wake of the P&O scandal, and a number of employment law changes coming into force this April, many businesses are feeling under pressure to ensure they’re doing the right thing – by the law, and by their employees.

Yet having too narrow a focus when it comes to looking after employees could prove to be a costly mistake, according to Toma Pagojute, Chief HR Officer at workforce management solutions provider, Quinyx.

She believes that looking only at legal obligations, and at avoiding non-compliance fines, for example – matters that can be taken care of by automated tools – may result in businesses not putting enough resource into wider employee strategies that can make a significant difference to staff retention.

“Employer compliance is vital, of course, but managers should avoid getting caught up in legalities at the expense of other HR concerns. There’s a danger of employers thinking they’ve ticked the boxes from a legal perspective, and that’s the job done in terms of looking after staff.

“The reality is that being compliant is just the tip of the iceberg, and it doesn’t do a great deal for addressing employee wellbeing and making workers feel valued. Not paying attention to levels of job satisfaction can be very expensive, too – studies show that onboarding a new team member can cost more than £15,000.

“The good news is managers can use tools to ensure full compliance – systems are usually updated automatically when new legislation comes in, like the upcoming changes to minimum wage, National Insurance contributions and sick pay on 1 April. Using automated systems means not having to worry about legalities so much, which in turn allows organisations to focus more on wider employee engagement strategies. This is likely to have a greater impact on their whole business, while offering reassurance that the legal side is fully taken care of.”

In direct response to the wider challenges that businesses have faced in the last two years, Quinyx has launched its Advanced Analytics product solution, which includes comprehensive compliance analytics.

Advanced Analytics gathers insights from Quinyx’s AI-powered workforce management platform and delivers users in industries like retail, logistics, healthcare, and hospitality with actionable data in user-friendly dashboards, available through any web-enabled device.

Unmatched by other workforce management platforms, Quinyx’s compliance analytics helps organisations operating in different locations to identify any potential non-compliance risks; taking into account local employment laws, scheduling rules, and employees’ preferences, helping businesses provide more flexibility to their workforce and avoid lawsuits, by answering the critical workforce management question: How compliant am I right now?

Quinyx’s Advanced Analytics also features:

Extensive 360-degree data dashboard

  • Empowering employees, ensuring compliance and improving business metrics – the Advanced Analytics dashboard provides data and insights from Quinyx’s all-in-one workforce management platform, allowing businesses to connect the dots between AI-powered scheduling, time and attendance, demand forecasting, staffing optimisation, and engagement features.

Optimisation Analytics

  • Helps organisations track internal workforce trends. Starting with key metrics and comparative insights on how employees are scheduled, their work patterns, absences, and costs. Everything is easily viewed in interactive dashboards that are designed to highlight opportunities and outliers – enabling reporting at every level of the organisation, from the C-suite to local managers.


Engagement Analytics

  • Engagement gives organisations the insights to drive and maintain engagement across their entire workforce, regardless of their role, responsibilities, and level. Quinyx’s survey, reward, and communication solutions enable businesses to poll, recognise and interact easily with their frontline workforce through the mobile app. With Advanced Analytics, businesses will be presented with unprecedented insights, allowing them to uncover and anticipate churn risks, upskilling opportunities, and interaction levels.