The race has started, will you get all your shopping done in time for Christmas? Officeology has asked a poll of 1,000 respondents in the UK with part and full-time jobs:

“In the run up to Christmas, how often do you do online shopping and/or browse during work hours?”

Everyday 14%
1-2 times a week 24%
3-4 times a week 21%
When I’m not busy 16%
When the boss or a colleague isn’t looking 2%
Never 22%
  • 77% of workers admit to online shopping during work hours with almost 1 in 4 shop online at least once a week.
  • Whilst more than 1 in 10 admit to online shopping everyday during these times.

Higher managerial roles and directors of medium or large companies (50+ people) are more likely to spend their workday online shopping (90%). In fact, 1 in 4 respondents in this role admit to online shopping every day in the run-up to Christmas – more than any other profession.

And these are the regions where employees spend the most time online shopping during work hours…

Scotland 90%
London 89%
Wales 84%
South-East 79%
North-West 77%
Eastern 76%
West Midlands 73%
North-East 72%
Yorkshire & The Humber 71%
South-West 70%
East Midlands 68%
Northern Ireland 65%
  • 90% of Scots online shop during their shift – more than any other region.
  • Londoners rank close second with 89% of employees admitting to setting time aside to shop.

Finally, we inquired on what Secret Santa gift people really want to receive this year…

Alcohol 40%
Food (e.g. chocolate, hamper) 37%
Candle or wax melts 31%
Money (e.g. Budget send back in card) 30%
Beauty products (eg. perfume, make-up) 30%
Scratch card 24%
Bath products (eg. bath bombs, gift sets) 24%
Plant 17%
Mug 15%
Gift for your pet 15%
Football team related gift 14%
Erotic toy (e.g. underwear, edible candy, blow up doll) 12%
  • Alcohol is the most wanted gift, with 2 in 5 people hoping to receive this under the office tree.
  • Food gifts rank as a close second contender.
  • Although people also wouldn’t mind the budget sent back to them in a Christmas card.

When considering budgets, the most popular response (34%) was £6-£10, whilst a quarter of respondents are happy to spend £11-£15 on a Secret Santa gift.

On the other hand, the worst Secret Santa gifts to receive are…

Erotic toy (e.g. underwear, edible candy, blow up doll) 28%
Bath products (eg. bath bombs, gift sets) 27%
Football team related gift 22%
Candle or wax melts 20%
Alcohol 19%
Beauty products (eg. perfume, make-up) 16%
Scratch card 15%
Mug 14%
Plant 14%
Gift for your pet 13%
Food (e.g. chocolate, hamper) 13%
Money (e.g. Budget send back in card) 11%
  • Although joke presents often prove an easy get-out, perhaps avoid anything erotic this year – these rank as the worst gift amongst respondents.
  • Bath related gift sets may also be an easy buy, but over a quarter (27%) of people say this is the second worst Secret Santa gift to receive.
  • Surprisingly, football fanatics don’t want their team’s logo on any kind of merchandise either (22%).

41% of respondents said they enjoy taking part in Secret Santa, whilst 7% don’t enjoy it but take part anyway.