Employee Rewards News: Facts About Great Places To Work

What do great workplaces do that set them apart from the average? How do they create cultures which attract and retain talent, talent which is committed to helping deliver the organisation’s goals?

Our research and work with top performing organisations such as the UK’s Best WorkplacesTM gives us a unique insight into what makes these organisations different. Here are just some:

Great workplaces are built on trust which drives engagement. Best WorkplacesTM have trust levels of 86% compared to just 55% at the average workplace. How does this impact engagement? 82% of employees in Best WorkplacesTM say they want to stay with their employer for a long time, compared to just 57% of employees at average workplaces.

Understanding the organisation’s goals and their role in it gives employees a sense of purpose.
For companies in sectors which often have a poor image this can be more of a challenge. McDonald’s’ purpose is to give customers a great experience. One employee, Aled, went the extra mile for an autistic teen. His sister thanked him for making her brother feel special which caught the attention of the local media and the news went viral.

Culture is an organisation’s greatest sustainable competitive advantage; many Best WorkplacesTM say their success is because of it. 89% of employees at Best WorkplacesTM say they have a great culture compared to only 52% at the average organisation. And research1 shows a direct link between organisational culture and financial performance.

The relationship an employee has with their manager is critical – great workplaces tend to have better managers. A staggering 90% of employees at Best WorkplacesTM say they trust their line manager compared to just 59% in the average organisation.

Being recognised and thanked for what you
do is a key motivator. 84% of employees at Best WorkplacesTM say management shows appreciation for good work and extra e ort, compared to just 49% at the average organisation. At Hilton, they hold a ‘Team Member Appreciation Week’ every year which kicks o with an email from the President and CEO thanking everyone for what they do, with lots of competitions, treats and events. But showing appreciation doesn’t have to cost – it is often too easy to overlook those two simple words – ‘Thank You’.

Work/life balance continues to grow in importance. 89% of employees in our Best WorkplacesTM say they are encouraged to balance their work and personal lives, compared to only 48% of employees at the average workplace.

More employers recognise the impact of nance on people’s wellbeing. Support ranges from the basics such as pensions and health plans to more personalised and innovative schemes including debt advice, cheap loans that have a small savings element built into the repayments and financial support for working carers.

Camaraderie at work is more important than you might think. People who enjoy working together are more likely to be collaborative and innovative.
KFC have regular Yammer campaigns such as ‘Selfie Saturday’ and ‘Epic Weekender’ where employees share what they are up to during the weekend and photos of their family and friends. This enriches the ‘family feel’ and helps people get to know each other better.

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