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Immersyve Inc. announced today the launch of motivationWorks, the science-based engagement solution that builds and sustains a culture of motivation. Leveraging 15 years of success applying behavioral science and motivational design to drive engagement and fulfillment, motivationWorks is an evidence-based approach to great employee experiences, employee engagement, and culture building.

Built by the founders of Self-Determination Theory, the leading behavioral science framework for motivation and engagement, motivationWorks will help businesses measure what matters, understand key drivers of a business, and provide actionable insights to everyone in an organization — from employees to managers to executives.

“Companies have been chasing employee engagement without a clear and proven framework for the experiences that drive it,” said Scott Rigby, CEO and founder of motivationWorks. “Our platform prioritizes and fulfills employees’ fundamental needs and gives everyone the practical guidance they need to build great cultures based on 50 years of leading research as to what truly works.”

motivationWorks introduces a transformative approach centered on how seven key experiences drive the Motivational Quality continuum: a next-generation engagement measure that’s both predictive and actionable. Employees with high-quality motivation experience:

Greater engagement and well-being
Greater performance
Greater satisfaction and loyalty
Deeper learning
Greater job and compensation satisfaction
Greater commitment to values and policies
Fewer physical health complaints
Prelaunch interest in motivationWorks is high, given that dozens of Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies already rely on its framework for building engagement and culture.

Customers are already raving about the ability to easily capture employee insights at every level of the organization, access contextualized and evidence-based recommendations for effective action, and see exactly the data that matters most.

“HR technology has struggled with the employee engagement conundrum, largely because it hasn’t leveraged a proven framework for understanding clearly what’s happening and what must be done,” Rigby said. “That’s where motivationWorks comes in. No matter how you’re measuring engagement, this platform provides the missing piece: a framework and scalable platform that provide tailored insights to everyone about what’s impacting engagement and how they can take practical action — starting today.”