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Employee Incentives News: Improving internal comms – 4 interesting systems to look at

Getting employee attention is extremely hard nowadays as staff contend with bloated email inboxes and information overload.  Luckily, we live in a world where we have a variery of tools at our fingertips. If you want to engage employees in regards to their rewards and benefits or just ensure they know what’s happening – you need to consider some new ways.

Here are our top picks.


SnapComms ( is a leading provider of internal communications software which includes, a free online resource that lists more than a hundred ways – old and new – to get a message across successfully. This easy-to-use directory is an ideal starting point for anybody looking for ideas on how best to communicate to a wider group. It alphabetically lists a wide range of print, digital and face-to-face tactics, with suggestions for when to use each type.

SnapComms CEO, Sarah Perry said, “In a time when there are so many channels available to communicators, and so much noise to contend with, having a resource that can help to pick the most efficient method for reaching your audience is vital. helps communicators find the best ways to engage their audiences, whether that means adopting new software, or just sticking with reliable email campaigns.” She adds: “Every week it seems there is a new tool or app that is the ‘latest and greatest’ way to communicate with employees; a silver bullet to all communications woes that rarely lives up to its hype. But what are often forgotten are some of the simplest ways to communicate with employees; communicators just need to be reminded of what those methods are.” is fully responsive across all devices. All tactics will continue to be updated, so the latest information will always be on hand. End-users will also have the ability to add feedback and suggestions to the site, making it a truly collaborative and engaging experience.


To provide personalized experiences to employees and streamline HR operations, companies are increasingly investing in HR Service Delivery platforms, a category PeopleDoc helped define. In line with this trend, the annual dollar value of subscription bookings from PeopleDoc customers purchasing two or more modules increased by 281% in the first six months of 2017, versus the same time period a year ago.

PeopleDoc is on a self-confessed mission to ‘make the difficult job of HR easier’. The PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform helps HR teams more easily answer employee requests on demand, automate employee processes, and manage compliance across multiple locations. PeopleDoc cloud solutions include Case Management and Knowledge Portal; Process Automation; Employee File Management; and Advanced Analytics. More information is available at


Poppulo is called ‘A complete internal communications tool’  that provides all the tools you need to create, publish, measure and improve your employee communications. This includes email, and the system comes with easy to use interactive, flexible templates that can be quickly created and easily updated – to generate stand-out emails in a crowded inbox. The key for this bit of kit are the analytics. Using it, you can easily measure performance and engagement with your internal communications. Segment data by employee group, monitor business impact and prove the value of your internal comms and the content popularity fnction lets you find out what content your employees do and don’t respond to.


If you are more interested in news and content, then you may want to look at Smarp. This brings company news and content to the fingertips of employees. It keeps them up-to-date, engages them to communicate and helps them share their knowledge with their own social networks. Made for employees, and scalable to any organization, Smarp is the easiest way to create a well-informed and influential workforce.Smarp is available as a native Android and iOS app as well as a fully responsive browser app, and it works in the same way employees do in their own time – as a content hub for employees to discover and share the latest company and industry news and collaborative, so employees may also participate in finding and creating good content for their colleagues to share


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