It’s March 3rd. It sounds important – but why? You scan your mind.  Deadline? Nope.  Anniversary? Nope. And then it hits you. Well, you go on LinkedIn and Twitter and then it hits you- it’s Employee Appreciation Day –  and you’ve missed it.

Every company in the world seems to be letting their employees go early, celebrating with buffets and parties and probably heaps of cold hard cash brought in with wheelbarrows to give to everyone that’s ever worked with, for or at the company… And you’re feeling like the worst person in the world.

You look in the stationary cupboard and there are some oldish looking biscuits.  Perhaps post it notes are a good gift in an ironic sense?


We’re here – to the rescue. We have created a range of graphics that mean you can say thanks to your employees.

  • Send them to your managers and encourage a mass email love in.
  • Send it to the whole company with a big thanks.
  • Distribute them with cold hard cash.

Whatever your method, we hope you enjoy using them!