Love2shop has announced the launch of ‘Shout!’, a social employee recognition platform that improves workplace cultures through values-driven ‘shout outs’.

Shout! furnishes employees with an engaging online tool to publicly celebrate positive workplace contributions and behaviours, every day.


Why use social recognition

Social recognition improves engagement, loyalty, productivity and teamwork. It’s a significant improvement on traditional top-down recognition, creating a groundswell of real-time positivity instead of waiting for leadership to issue recognition.

Social recognition lets employees know their work is treasured, and that they’re valued by their peers. Seeing that quality work is valuable to their team, they’re more likely to replicate it in the future.

The cumulative effect is greater motivation to produce quality work, deeper and stronger bonds between employees, and a greater sense of value in the workplace.


Adam Whatling, Head of Engagement & Product Development at Love2shop Business Services, commented:

I can’t wait to share Shout! with clients. This platform is going to make workplaces more cooperative, more fun and more positive places to work.

“Social recognition is poorly used in most organisations, even though it has so many benefits. Our Shout! platform is the most accessible and effective way to start making a noticeable improvement to your workplace culture.”


Accessible, intuitive, rewarding

The intuitive Shout! platform leans into familiarity with social media, with all expressions of recognition hosted on a communal public newsfeed for anyone in the business to see.

All acts of recognition are framed through the company’s values. This makes it easy for employees to see how their contributions at work assist the business in achieving its’ overall goals, and uphold the company’s ethical standards.

Companies can also choose to plug Love2shop’s extensive catalogue of rewards into the Shout! platform, issuing non-cash prizes to employees who pass a certain threshold of recognition for positive contributions.

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