Peppy, the B2B digital health and wellness platform, has launched a menopause resources pack to empower companies to support their employees when they need the most support. Directed at employers, it includes expert guidance on the menopause, the impact on employees and organisations, and how to help staff.


Mridula Pore, CEO of Peppy, said: ‘Many companies really want to do more to help their colleagues during menopause but just don’t know where to start. We developed these resources to give them the confidence to  make those first steps.’


The resources were developed by Kathy Abernethy, Peppy’s director of menopause services and former chair of British Menopause Society. They include:


  • Employee survey
  • Expert’s guide to menopause at work
  • Menopause symptoms factsheet
  • Menopause and pensions guidance


Many employees are asking their employers what support is available for them. Likewise, many employers are looking to front-foot this specialist area, and are exploring their options. The resources are designed to help employers, by giving them the tools to build their knowledge and put a framework on what support might look like in practice.


Mridula Pore continued, ‘Knowledge is empowering , and we’ve found that the right information can be transformational for individuals and companies. These resources have been developed to help companies get up to speed, give them the confidence to have the conversation and understand what will really make a difference to their colleagues.’


The pack gives employers the tools to find out how menopause affects their employees’ working lives, information on common misconceptions, myth-busting, tips, and guidance to trusted sources of help. It’s designed to help organisations include their employees, so they can work together through this time.


Menopause and pensions

The pack also includes specific information on the impact of menopause on the gender pensions gap. One in four women consider leaving work because of menopause symptoms, others go part-time, and this can significantly affect their pensions. In conjunction with the Money and Pensions Service, Peppy has developed resources to help people with their financial planning.


All resources are available at