Reward experts, Motivates Inc Ltd, are proud to announce the launch of buzz – an instant, personal, all-in-one greetings and gift card.


buzz is the perfect way to reward and thank employees without the need for big budgets or integrated recognition systems. It’s instant! Simply top up and reward. Best of all, buzz cards are free and make rewarding your most valuable people wonderfully straightforward and personal.

-buzz cards are free and come in a range of themes with bright and fresh designs

-Release the proven power of a hand-written message to add a genuine, personal touch

-Recipients use buzz rewards to shop with over 120 of the UK’s best-loved retail, cinema, holiday, dining and pub brands. So, whatever they want a coffee, new pair of shoes or a trip to the flicks – they can treat themselves any time day or night… all thanks to you!

-No need for big budgets or contracts

-No need to trek to the shops to find a suitable greetings card and then buy a gift card

Andy Ling, Director of Brand and Partnerships at Motivates, said: “Feeling unappreciated is one of the main reasons people leave their jobs. Losing great employees is damaging to morale, productivity, and ultimately detrimental to profits. On-the-spot rewards that recognise a job well done or that acknowledge when someone has gone above and beyond, are a great way to motivate your team and make people feel valued.


As it’s instant and personal buzz is ideal for reinforcing positive behaviour and demonstrating the kinds of values and actions a company wants to encourage. It can also help employees make the connection between their actions and your appreciation. Making them and the rest of the team more likely to repeat the behaviour. The great thing is, instant rewards don’t need to be costly, and they work best when they are accompanied by a sincere, authentic personal note of appreciation.”


Having a selection of great rewards on tap isn’t easy and certainly isn’t feasible for every business. That’s why buzz is so great. You top up and give as and when you need. The immediacy means that you can reward your employees the moment they do something exceptional. Adding the element of surprise and sincere appreciation. No waiting for rewards to come in, no contracts and buzz cards are free.