KangoGift, the leading employee engagement and recognition solutions provider, released today an analysis of its proprietary data which demonstrated a substantial increase in recognition and rewards within organizations for accomplishments and achievements.

The analysis showed an increase in recognition year-over-year of:

  • 175% overall recognition of employee accomplishments and achievements
  • 122% by senior and executive management to members of their organization
  • 70% by direct line managers to their teams.

The analysis also determined that Dutch organizations lead the way with employee recognition with an increase of 90 percent year-over-year with South Korea second at 28%.

“This analysis shows that the days of cookie-cutter rewards programs with employee recognitions being rare are over and it would seem that COVID-19 is the reason,” said Todd Horton, Founder and CEO of KangoGift. “Employee recognition and rewards cratered in March and April along with the rest of the economy.  Its sharp rebound is evidence that leaders realize the unprecedented strain on their employees as a result of COVID-19 and are acting appropriately to ensure their teams well being and provide a smooth continuance into 2021.”

The analysis was conducted using data from KangoGift’s proprietary, global database.  All information is current as of December 1.

About KangoGift:
KangoGift is a leading human resources technology company exclusively focused on employee engagement and recognition.  Since its founding in 2009, KangoGift’s customer base has expanded from its initial base in the eastern United States to clients in the US, Europe and Asia.  KangoGift is based in the metropolitan Boston area.