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Reward Gateway has unveiled the world’s first employee engagement skill for Amazon Alexa, enabling real-time engagement and allowing businesses to save time.

Targeting busy CEOs and HR Directors, Reward Gateway clients will be able to ask their Amazon Echo details about the performance of their engagement programme, what company news is trending and which of their benefits are proving most popular, as well as ask Alexa to recite this data within a specified time period. The skill will mature as Reward Gateway continues to disrupt the employee feedback market with SmartInsights™ Pulse, a brand new employee feedback product. At that point, Alexa will then be able to officially tell you how engaged your employees are.

Richard Hurd-Wood, Chief Product Officer, comments:
“We’ve been able to harness the power of Alexa to give our clients insights and data on the performance of their programme and engagement strategies right at their fingertips.

We’re extremely excited about being the first employee engagement provider on Alexa. This is the first step towards the next generation of technology in the workplace and means our clients will have another tool at their disposal to build a meaningful connection with their employees.”

The product has been produced by Reward Gateway’s Advanced Technologies Unit. The team is responsible for developing technologies of several years ahead and doesn’t produce or publish a roadmap or discuss future work, even internally.