What is the cost of sickness per employee?

Answered by: Noelle Murphy, senior HR practice editor at XpertHR

“Our recent absence rates and costs survey found that the median cost of sickness absence stands at £390 per employee per year. On top of this cost, it is also important to consider the impact on productivity, employee engagement, and retention rates, so it’s hard to argue against the need to address stress, especially that triggered by workplace-related concerns.

The past 20 months have meant that employees’ expectations of their employers have shifted, and wellbeing needs to be at the heart of all business plans. Alongside providing supportive benefits, like employee assistance programmes, businesses must take preventative measures to address the root causes of stress at work, not just tackling the symptoms. Creating psychologically safe working environments where factors contributing to stress such as workload, expectations, workplace relationships, and capacity can all be discussed in a constructive and proactive way are all ways employers can help.”