Quotables 12.05.2017 – Stuart Levine

“While many leaders realize the importance of a strong corporate culture, many still do not. Employee engagement and culture have been cited in a recent study as the number one human capital challenge companies face globally.

Those leaders that do not understand the strong link between culture, productivity, and profits, often look outward to create impact and profits with efforts such as new advertising and rebranding campaigns, overlooking the importance of their internal constituents, their employees. These misguided efforts frequently result in a misalignment of corporate and individual culture, subsequently resulting in employee dissatisfaction, disengagement and turnover. These same leaders do not see the value in hiring for cultural fit and continue the practice of hiring for skill and knowledge alone, again resulting in disengaged employees and high turnover. A recent Gallup survey showed that only 32% of employees were engaged in their jobs, showing the overwhelming majority were disengaged.

Through a concerted leadership effort, consistent communication, employee engagement, passion and the commitment of the entire organization, positive, impactful cultures can be built. The efforts of the organization, leadership, and workforce, will be rewarded with higher profits, corporate sustainability, and greater employee engagement.”

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