Health benefits platform Peppy has today announced its menopause service is being introduced to employees across Santander UK as part of the bank’s wider programme of support for employees across the organisation. The bank is the first major employer in the UK to make Peppy’s personalised menopausal support available to employees going through menopause across its 23,500 employees.


Tim Hinton, Gender Sponsor on Santander’s Executive Committee, commented: “Our partnership with Peppy is a demonstration of our strong desire to support the health and wellbeing of colleagues at Santander and to recognise the impacts that menopause can have both on them and their families. This is part of a wider programme of activities we are implementing to normalise discussion and support for this important topic.”


Peppy’s platform enables employers to provide their employees with access to expert support during critical life transitions, with a focus on family support, female health and mental wellbeing.


Employers using Peppy Menopause are able to offer the platform anonymously to all employees, who can access everything from one-to-one chat support with an expert nurse or a mental health practitioner; moderated group chats with peers in similar situations; online group exercises; and bespoke support such as phone and video consultations with a menopause practitioner.


All experts connecting with employees through the platform have completed accredited training programmes and meet the requirements of relevant professional bodies. The support can be accessed conveniently and fully remotely, making it particularly well suited to the current climate.


Kathy Abernethy, Director of Menopause Services for Peppy and immediate past Chair of The British Menopause Society, added: “Half the population will experience the menopause, many whilst they are still working. Yet, it can be so difficult to access support that is both accurate and personal. We tend to turn to friends or a family member first who has been through menopause before plucking up the courage to go to a GP, who may not offer the time you need. Women often don’t get the chance to discuss their choices, both to feel well and to stay healthy during this time of transition. Peppy provides access to experienced menopause practitioners through its platform, so users can get personalised specialist advice at a time to suit them,  Santander UK is a great example of a business doing what is possible to support employees and empowering them by having Peppy available when they need it.”


Santander took part in an initial trial which received very positive feedback. In the 4-week trial of approximately 130 employees, three in four said that they felt more confident about their menopause journey as a result of the trial and three in four said that their symptoms were less bothersome. Nine in ten said they felt more positive about Santander as an employer as a result of the trial.


Dr Mridula Pore, CEO and Co-Founder of Peppy, added: “We want to see more businesses like Santander looking at their workforce and considering how they can provide support throughout life’s challenges. We all have times in our lives where we need guidance and support from experts who have seen it all before – whether it’s menopause, mental health, or starting a family. It’s not only hard to find the support you need, but it can also be very isolating and stressful, particularly if it impacts you at work and your employer is not supportive. If we put people first, businesses will see all kinds of benefits in the future, from better retention and staff morale to performance and reputation.”