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Employee Rewards News: Thnks™ partners with Drinkeasy for delivery of craft liquor rewards

Thnks™, the digital corporate gifting platform, is proud to announce a partnership with Drinkeasy, the personal shopping assistant for high-end, small batch spirits. The collaboration between the two innovators in the digital gifting space makes wowing clients with a customized gift of craft liquor as easy as sending a text message.

Thnks, which launched in early 2017, lets sales, marketing and account teams strengthen business relationships with instant, relevant and thoughtful gestures of appreciation. Customers, including BuzzFeed, American Express Global Business Travel, automotiveMastermind, Conductor and Tremor Video, have been using the THNKS platform—currently available in iOS and Android—to send clients gifts from vendors such as Amazon, Pandora, Hulu, and Starbucks.

“Partnering with Drinkeasy allows us to provide Thnks customers with a highly personalized gifting option, which is ideal for a slightly higher price point, special occasion gift,” said Brendan Kamm, CEO of Thnks. “Our customers are pleased with the fact that Drinkeasy can ship to 40 states, including rural areas. They’ve also reported that their clients are enjoying the one-of-a-kind Drinkeasy experience.”

By making it easy for sales and account professionals to send relevant, thoughtful digital gifts to their clients and contacts, Thnks customers build better relationships and close more deals. The ability to send a top-shelf gift such as a hard-to-find bottle of craft liquor elevates the relationship-building process — with Drinkeasy making an ideal client anniversary gift or follow-up to a crucial meeting.

“Liquor and wine have long been popular corporate gifts, but knowing that a client likes a particular spirit doesn’t equate to knowing exactly what qualities they prefer within that spirit class,” said Harry Raymond, co-founder and CEO of Drinkeasy. “Our concierge team personalizes the experience, carefully matching a giftee with a unique bottle that suits their individual taste.”

Thnks customers simply select one of the Drinkeasy bottles from a specially curated category within the application, choose their contact(s) and type in a personal message. The recipient is sent an email or text message that pairs them with a Drinkeasy concierge—the team includes spirits writers and cocktail experts—who will help match them with a particular spirit that’s sure to satisfy their palate.

Drinkeasy’s concierges are akin to wine sommeliers, only the exchange takes place via text message and the result is more likely to be a small batch bottle of rye whiskey. That bottle will be shipped to the recipient for delivery within a couple of days.

Using Thnks for corporate gifts is easy for management teams as well. Thnks increases efficiency and control around gifting for compliance, legal, and finance teams. The Enterprise Control Panel allows managers to set individual budgets, choose gift parameters and monitor their teams’ gifting activity in real-time. The recipient does not need to have a Thnks account to redeem a gift, and Thnks customers simply pay a small fee per transaction.

“Thnks allows companies to set gifting goals and budgets while also providing immediate insight into the efficacy of their teams’ spending,” added Kamm. “We’re excited to be working with Drinkeasy, and we’re highly satisfied with the interest this gift has generated.”

Businesses in the United States spend $100 billion+ on non-cash incentives each year, with the average salesperson spending more than $300 per month on thank you gifts and follow-ups. Thnks was founded with the belief that, too often, gifting is impersonal and irrelevant with items like branded pens and hats that haven’t changed in 40 years.


Thnks ( is a corporate gifting platform that enables sales, marketing, and account teams to send timely, relevant, and thoughtful digital gifts that strengthen business relationships and help close sales. The Thnks Enterprise Control Panel enables management and corporate compliance to monitor and report on their teams’ gifting activity in real-time.

About Drinkeasy

Drinkeasy is a personal shopping assistant for hard-to-find spirits. Users contact Drinkeasy via text to be instantly paired with a drink expert who learns theirs tastes and becomes their concierge for the world of exceptional spirits. The transaction takes place via secure text messaging, and Drinkeasy ships to 40 states.

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