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Wellbeing case study: Causeway

Looking for a case study on wellbeing in the workplace? We’ve got one! Founded in 1999, Causeway Technologies is one of the world’s leading suppliers of software for the built environment, providing solutions that play a key role in the Design, Build, Operate and Maintain phases. Take a look at how they implement a full wellbeing strategy – and the results it led to. 


This established, fast-paced company has around 200 employees, who are all online and spread out across five locations. Causeway pride themselves on being a great place to work yet are always striving to be better and look for new ways to develop the experience of their company for both customers and employees.


Their company culture and ethos is driven by committed and talented employees who all work towards being enthusiastic, decisive, driven and tenacious, all the while keeping an eye on the future.


Supporting employees in a highly-pressured industry


Staying true to its philosophy of improvement and development, Causeway committed time to facilitating a comprehensive wellbeing offering for its 200 employees through Reward Gateway’s employee engagement platform.


Due to the nature of the industry, all of these employees work within a highly pressured environment, and despite the substantial wellbeing offering, Causeway’s HR team identified increased levels of anxiety and stress amongst its employees after analysing absence data. Further research into this data showed that employee absence also correlated to specific times of heightened stress and anxiety.


So, Causeway set out to build on their employee values, and help reduce stress and anxiety. The HR team decided the best course of action would be to enhance family-friendly measures for carers, provide emotional support and education, and improve employee mental wellbeing, resilience, work-life balance, and physical wellbeing. The aim being a reduction in absence and boosted productivity, which would in turn reinforce and encourage a positive culture of engagement within the business and subsequently ensure that employees recognised that the company cared about their wellbeing.


Approaching an important issue and putting health into the spotlight


To start, Causeway increased communications and targeted promotions about the benefits and services available for colleagues with caring responsibilities. The company also provided education and practical tips for awareness around anxiety and stress management.


One major element of the campaign was centered on male wellbeing. The research had shown that their male employees – who make up 75% of the company – were generally reluctant to discuss health and personal worries, and engaging this demographic was vital to success.


One such campaign element was based around recognising carers as “Unsung Heroes” to create a feeling of openness and engagement. To do this, gift packs and promotions were designed and focused on making it easy for employees to identify what’s important for them at particular stages in their lives. Causeway used multiple channels, including emails, posters, flyers, social media, personalised packs and coffee mornings, as well as the “Causeway Lifestyle” employee engagement hub, powered by Reward Gateway, to communicate this message.


Reducing absences and improving engagement


The campaign had an incredible impact and the results speak for themselves. Survey results have shown that 70% of employees now feel that Causeway has a genuine family-friendly feel, with 90% of employees believing that the company genuinely cares about their wellbeing. Engagement with monthly promotions and educational campaigns improved to 65%.


This has also delivered great benefits for the company and employees, as the cost of absences for the four targeted areas decreased by 90%, saving over £70,000. Absences due to stress and anxiety also decreased by 81%, with the associated cost decreasing by 98%, and absences due to headaches and migraines decreased by 60% with the associated cost decreased by 96%. Overall absences decreased by 35% on last year, and the total associated cost decreased by 62%.


The work that Causeway has done over the past year to improve employee engagement won the company awards for WSB Best Healthcare and Wellbeing Strategy 2017 and also Best Wellbeing Strategy at the Reward Gateway Engagement Excellence Awards 2017, as well as the Grand Prix award, acknowledging the hard work put in by the company. Causeway now aims to maintain and build on this level of engagement with further communication and promotions including: information for parents about childcare vouchers and their future changes; as well as continuing to provide education and awareness for financial and mental health.

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