Boots hide gift cards in Meal Deal promo | Incentive&Motivation

It might only be October, but one of the best things about stores getting ready for Christmas so early is that festive sandwiches are finally back on the shelves.

And this year, Boots has upped the ante to include pigs in blankets inspired sandwiches, turkey with all the trimmings and even a vegan option with parsnips in too.

But with the winner of the best high street meal deal still a heavily debated topic, a parsnip and butternut squash sandwich isn’t quite enough to beat their competitors. So they’re giving away free gift cards with their sandwiches as well.

There’s almost 800 gift cards up for grabs, two of which are worth £1000. There’s also 15 x £100 gift cards, 30 of the £50 ones, 250 with a tenner on and 500 fivers.

Inside selected sandwich boxes is a scratch card that will let you know if you’ve won, with all the Christmas sandwiches also available as part of the £3.39 Boots Meal Deal.

This story originally appeared in The Mirror. 

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