HR Cloud, a leading developer of HR software, HRMS business solutions and pioneers of Onboarding software with a focus on effective employee engagement, today announced the creation of the Workmates app. Workmates is a simple and powerful solution that supports team engagement, collaboration and productivity for modern enterprises.

Making its debut at the 2017 Collision Conference in New Orleans, Workmates is a free mobile app and web application that merges human resources information in the form of a company directory with internal social profiles. Workmates makes company-wide communication fluid through social posts about office announcements such as:

  • New hires
  • Vacation and sick leaves
  • Office events
  • Employee polls
  • Employee recognition with Kudos and Rewards

“Workmates is the last and only workforce communication tool you will ever have to download,” says Damir Davidovic, CEO of HR Cloud. “It seamlessly merges mobile connectivity and web-based software to make your team productive from anywhere.”

HR Cloud has created a ground-breaking app that makes it easy for teams to find and connect with anyone on any channel through Workmates’ company directory – whether it’s by phone, direct message, group chat, text, email, Skype or Twitter.

Workmates Delivers:

  • Increased Productivity: share information across teams, keep everyone in sync and improve employee performance
  • Strengthened Teamwork: post comments and start discussions; work together effectively as a team
  • Innovation: share thoughts and ideas through an internal social networking platform that promotes dialogue and makes communication fun

Workmates is designed to integrate with other popular apps like Google, Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Slack, and it contains the functionality of a suite of apps, so organizations can consolidate existing apps-for-work into one handy, turn-key solution. Because of this, Workmates’ functionality helps recognize great work across both large and small companies, connecting coworkers across locations and ultimately boosting teamwork and growing culture.

In the firm belief that recognition is a key component of company culture and communication, Workmates offers Kudos, a “sub-app” in the suite that allows anyone in the company to give a positive shoutout to peers. Rewarding someone with Kudos on a mobile device or in the web application is easy and simple. And by enabling workmates to engage in this type of workplace recognition, employees and colleagues feel more appreciated and accomplished.