A Day & Night In Paris 

If you’re close to London and can make it to the Eurostar – why not reward with a trip to Paris, with the gift of a paid trip for one of your team to spend the day and the night there? It’s not as expensive as you may think and there are ways to cut the costs. We’ve looked at an ‘out of central’ hotel. Because the metro is so simple to use, it’s no big hardship!

Here’s what the day could look like…..

9am – Up early, heading to the Eurostar from London St Pancras! Why not give them a gift card for Marks and Spencer so they can pick up some sweet treats before the short trip? The terminal is also host to shops like John Lewis, FatFace, Joules and Mac – a great way to sneak in an extra treat! Alternatively, you might want to give them a pre-pack up of mini champagne, some chocolates – and of course, Vogue!

10am – After checking in, your star employee can get onto the Eurostar. Why not encourage them to take some photos and email them to the office? Fares from London to Paris start at £58 return.

12pm – Once they arrive in Paris, it’s time to explore! The Metro is a great way to get about. Why not ensure that you email instructions to get to the hotel to them in advance so it’s stress free?

1pm – They will arrive at the Nouveau Paris Park Hotel – a 3.3 rated hotel was spotted for just £39 a night on Hotels.com! It’s a great place to ‘crash and dash’ after arriving on the Eurostar – it’s under 3km away.

2pm – After freshening up they can take a taxi out into the city! It should take about 45 minutes and they can take in the sights en route, or a 22 minute public transport journey.

3pm – From there, they might enjoy a trip to the Louvre or the Ponts Des Arts (the bridge dotted with locks.)

4pm – The arc de triomphe is just 15 minutes away on the subway, or they might stay closer and see the Grand Palais. If it’s a hot day, the pedestrianised area near the Musée d’Orsay and Pont de l’Alma are filled with life of all types and plenty of stalls, painters and more.

5pm – They could pick up a crepe from one of the many sellers on the streets, or grab a cheeky glass of something! Savoury crepes are a staple favourite and you might also see your star employee indulging in some rather un-french Nutella filled versions!

6- 7pm – What trip to Paris is complete without a visit to see the Eiffel Tower? If they can make it until it’s dark, they can see it lit up at night, perhaps whilst enjoying some drinks and an amble around the streets. Look out for the ‘holding up the tower’ tourist photos, a must do…When in Rome, as they say!

8pm – We would suggest a booked dinner at Le Bastringue, close to the hotel, and then finally, retiring to the hotel bar, or staying on at the restaurant for a few bottles of red!