Looking for an employee experience or an event with a difference?  Virgin Experience Days has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s UK Digital Experience Awards (DXA) in the Best Use of VR category with their exclusive VR4D Skydive which one of the first adrenaline adventures in the world to be available as a VR experience.

Customers can experience the magic of free falling 120 miles per hour from the safe environment of a wind tunnel. The immersive new experience creates an intense level of realism by using both VR and actual indoor wind tunnels to accurately simulate the physical sensations of free falling.

The experience promises thrills!

“Upon arrival at Twinwoods Adventure, you’ll be greeted by the Bodyflight instructors who’ll run through a full safety briefing.

You’ll take four  1 minute 15 seconds practice flights to familiarise yourself before you don the full-face VR skydiving helmet for the main event. With interactive visuals and a few virtual friends to take the jump with you, this will be a minute of freefall that you’ll remember forever.

To ensure you get the most out of your ‘jump’, you’ll undertake a full briefing followed by four practice flights before gearing up in your jumpsuit, parachute, harness and full-face VR skydiving helmet. Count down and take the plunge as you step out your plane over California, Hawaii or Dubai for your skydive. With state of the art interactive visuals, your unforgettable experience will see you freefall for 1 minute to the point where you and your virtual friends open their parachutes.”

Using Samsung Gear VR and custom-made helmet integration technology to provide high definition, 4k, 360-degree video, the VR Skydive technology is managed via an app by technology creators Tunnel Vision*

The DXA Awards acknowledge excellence and innovation in using technology across diverse sectors to deliver an improved customer experience.

See the full experience here: https://www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk/vr4d-indoor-skydive