Earthmiles, the business behind the award-winning consumer app that allows users to earn points for exercising, then redeem them against healthy rewards, is launching its ‘@Work’ platform after conducting a series of live employer trials, supporting up to 15,000 employees.

One company is Ascential plc, a global business to business information company that informs and connects the business world in 150 countries. Its Reward Manager, Philippa Roe, said:

“Aside from using the app to promote healthy and active living, we are using the app to underpin our entire wellness strategy. As the content held on the app can be created by us (the Reward Team) we can promote content and/or rewards around other focus areas such as financial wellness and mental health. Having control of the push notifications directly to users is a new way for us to communicate with our people, and the analytics dashboard has been fundamental in demonstrating this success and ROI to our senior leaders”.

Earthmiles@Work is an app that provides financial motivation for healthier behaviour with challenges and rewards to keep the experience fun. It works across all four wellbeing pillars, physical, emotional/social, mental and financial. People earn earthmiles through walking, cycling or running, or with personal challenges such as sleep, workplace stress, nutrition, financial and emotional wellbeing, which they can redeem against health products and rewards. It works both individually and across teams.

Co-Founder of Earthmiles, Tobin Murphy-Coles, said:

“The live trials of Earthmiles@Work are fascinating, showing the power of the crowd. We can see increasing employee engagement but also great connectedness, especially when teams unite with a common goal.

“Our data shows that wellbeing activity increases a further 33% on average when employees form teams within the application and take part in competitive challenges.

“We have also seen great engagement with people setting personal goals which improve awareness around a broad range of wellbeing behaviours. Indeed, 60% of all participants complete at least one personal goal and 65% said that the app makes them more conscious of their wellbeing activity. Seventy-five percent said that being rewarded for their activity was their key driver.”

For employers, Earthmiles@Work provides analytics to show specific issues, to help shape wellbeing strategies and track improvements. It is possible to address key drivers behind insurance claims and absenteeism by focusing on activities to help high incidences of musculoskeletal or mental health claims, for instance. The anonymised data can also augment information submitted to insurers to help manage claims and premiums for health-related insurances. Typically, more than 60% of users visit the app every 2 days, an achievement for a voluntary benefit, which generally gain 2–10% employee participation.

Philippa Roe, Ascential, summarised:

“The feedback which we have had from our people has been fantastic. We ran a team challenge as part of the launch and we really saw our people become competitive with their activity. We have 5 offices in the UK; the app functionality allows teams to communicate privately with one another so is really valuable. Having worked in the industry for a number of years I have never come across a product so innovative, engaging and simple to use”.